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Many years ago, website awards were really popular, and the Star Trek MIDI page also offered several of them. It's not possible to apply any longer, but those of the past winners that are still online are honored here...

Vic's Site of the Month 2005

Vic's Award 2005
Month Title of page
January 2005 Krillmeeds Trek Site
February 2005 The Star Trek LCARS Book & Episode Database
May 2005 Viking Software Homepage

Vic's Site of the Month 2004

Vic's Award 2004
Month Title of page
May 2004 U.S.S. Midway - The Role Playing Game
June 2004 Adge's Star Trek
July 2004 Italian Klin-Zha Society

Vic's Award (2001-2002)

Gold Pressed Latinum Award Silver Award Bronze Award Special Award
Category Month Title of page
Latinum March 2001 LCARS Computer Network
83% (silver) September 2001 Star Trek: Enterprise@Scifispace.com
73% (silver) November 2001 Bravo Fleet HQ
54% (bronze) December 2001 Starbase Avenger
Special April 2002 The Keep
Special October 2001 Nikola Kitanovic


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